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Instromet's range of wind switches is slowly growing in popularity and is rapidly finding its way into many applications such as use with de-odourisors, water fountains, inflatable outdoor products, lighting rigs and air re-circulation fans just to name a few.

The range of wind switches comes in the form of two main types, versions for wind speed only and versions for wind speed and wind direction.

The attached chart gives a summary of the type of wind switches we produce along with their respective features for each model.
wind switch selection chart...

Wind speed and direction sensor

Wind speed and direction sensor

Each comes supplied with operating control box, appropiate wind sensor inc 25m of cable (extendable up to 100m on request), and wind sensor alignment compass.

Each unit has controls for selecting the wind speed activation point up to 90mph. They also incorporate an "on" timer to prevent premature switching due to short sharp gusts, and also an "off" timer to ensure the exceeded wind conditions have truely rescinded. The wind switch models that include wind direction also have eight selectable switches for each main compass point. These particular wind switches will only activate once both selected wind direction and wind speed parameters have been met.

The actual switching capabilities of the control box is performed by a relay capable of handling a 5A load. This relay has three terminals and can either be used in a "normally closed" configuration or a "normally open" configuration. This of course means it can be used to either activate or de-activate a peripheral device.

Two variations of wind sensor (anemometer) are available: the "Basic" wind sensor version uses a sintered bronze bearing within its cup assembly and the "Pro" wind sensor version uses a ball bearing ideal for harsher environments.

12v wind speed switch application

As Instromet hand builds these wind switches on site, we are able to offer different scaling and time delay parameters on request. Likewise if you feel a slightly different version of wind switch would be more suited to your application then please consult us to see if we can produce a version to suit, such as the light rig switch shown here.

Buy here:

Mains powered Speed and Direction switch - 353 0003 001...

Low voltage Speed and Direction - 353 0008 001...

12v Speed only switch - 353 0006 001...

DIN Rail Clip available (30566/01):

As an optional extra, we can also supply DIN Rail mounting clips for the following items: 12V speed only & low voltage speed and direction units. The clip is mounted to the rear of the control box. This can either be supplied seperately for mounting on site or we can mount it here before delivery.

DIN Rail mounting clip for use with 12V speed only & low voltage speed and direction units.

Also available are DIN rail mountable power supplies suitable for our wind switches (12v and low voltage) and even a 16A contactor should a larger load need to be switched.

DIN rail accessories...

Below is a demonstration video of our latest edition to our wind switch range, the low volatge wind speed and direction switch. Hopefully this video will give an indication of what the systems comprise off and a brief glimpse into their operation.

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