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Welcome to Instromet Weather Systems .

Instromet has a heritage of manufacturing weather stations and other weather monitoring equipment for over twenty years for both commercial and domestic applications.

Unlike many new digital LCD Weather Stations available, Instromet has managed to retain the classical look of moving mechanical dials backed with proven analogue electronic circuitry. This approach has given us a now rather unique product in the Weather Station market place which is still hand crafted here in our UK workshop. Also, with the Weather Stations being handmade, this gives both us and the user a range of different possible permutations of Weather Station display. If you don't see what you require, just ask, and if it's within our scope, we will let you know!

weather stations

Instromet's dedication to retaining moving dials has seen our Weather Stations being taken up by many different customers, for example the RNLI, with one of their comments being:

"The display can be seen from anywhere in the control room".

Our Weather Stations have also worked their way into many schools, golf clubs, sailing clubs, and other esteemed customers such as Cambridge University, BBC Weather Centre, Welsh and Anglia Water, Met Office, and not least, our many dedicated domestic users.

Also, along with the #Weather Stations, Instromet manufactures wind activated switches and industry standard wind sensors with both 0-10V DC and 4-20mA outputs for commercial applications. Again, these products are handmade all under one roof, so if your requirements are a little different to the products here on the website, please let us know and we will see what we can do. Some of the products in our portfolio have originated from other customers' specific requirements, so you never know unless you ask.

wind activated switch

So, whether you are looking at a domestic Weather Station or a commercial application, Instromet may have the solution for you. Please feel free to browse our website and contact us further regarding your requirements.

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