Climatica Weather Station

The Instromet Climatica Weather station is Instromet's most versatile/customizable weather station to date.

The Instromet Climatica weather station expands on the Atmos range by having the ability to monitor all Instromet sensors and is also expandable with our Datalogger.

Due to the "Multi Weather Display" within the weather station and its auto sensor detection technology, the weather station has the ability to display any of the sensors currently within the Instromet range. With the Weather stations ability to display only what is connected to it, means that if it was only originally purchased with just a wind sensor, only data regarding the wind speed and wind direction would only appear upon the "MWD" (Multi Weather Display). Now however if a rainfall sensor was to be added to the system at a later point, the new rain sensors readings would automatically appear on the "MWD" display along side the wind readings and so on with the rest of the sensors within the range. For a complete list of the "MWD"s functionality please see the following PDF for more information: More MWD Information...

Climatica back lights

Its not just the sensor options which are open to customization, the wind speed units, and display cabinet types can also be specified to suit the operators tastes/specifications.

Wind Speed units:


Cabinet variations:

Real Cherry cabinet

Real Maple cabinet

Real Oak cabinet

Real Rosewood cabinet

Real Sapele cabinet

Real Walnut cabinet

Sensor options available:

Wind Sensor

Rainfall sensor

Sun duration sensor

Additional Temperature sensor

Wet and Dry Bulb

Electronic Humidity Sensor

Along with the actual weather station itself, the system comes with a sensor box which all the sensors are connected to. This sensor box also houses the systems PC interface/datalogger when purchased seperately.

Weather Station sensor box

For a detailed quotation of a tailored system please complete and return the following form to us via, e-mail, fax, or post: quotation request form...

Technical Specification

Wind Speed:(MPH/KPH/MPS) Gust and Direction. Analogue pointer with gust indicator calibrated scale 0 - 90 mph, 0 - 80 knots and 1 - 12 Beaufort scale, accuracy ±5%.
Wind Direction: Analogue 8 point scale, subdivided in to 30° points,electronically damped, accuracy ±10° Resolution >10°, Threshold 3 Knots, 3.5MPH - damping delay 2-3 seconds.
Instromet "Multi Weather Display":More MWD Information...
Display case:390mm long x 178mm high x 68mm deep.
Material:Wood Finish.
Finish:wood finish acid acrylic lacquer natural,glass window front.
Scales:Black on white background.
Sensors:any from the Instromet range all suitable for mast mounting 30 - 50mm diameter.
Cable: Display cable 4 x 7/0.2 T.C unscreened pvc/pvc-5 metres.
Junction box and plug-in power unit - supplied.

Mounting kits available:
Mast 480 1000 094 Short (1 metre)
Mast 480 1000 096 Long (2 metres)
Tile and Wall 480 1000 097

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