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Wind Sensors / Anemometers
with either 4-20mA or 0-10V DC Outputs

The Instromet range of Industrial wind sensor products has proved to be very popular and are one of Instromets biggest selling units at this time.

This range of wind sensors are designed for measuring both wind speed and wind direction with industry standard outputs of either 0-10V DC or 4-20mA. These industry standard outputs allow the wind sensor to be connected to PLCs etc in order to be used for automatic applications where wind parameters are of utmost importance, for example automatic window and vent closures, awning retraction etc just to name a couple.

The wind sensor 0-10V DC or 4-20mA output signals are linear for both wind speed and direction.

Two variations of wind sensor (anemometer) are available: the "Basic" wind sensor version uses a sintered bronze bearing within its cup assembly and the "Pro" wind sensor version uses a ball bearing ideal for harsher environments.

Each unit comes supplied with: wind sensor (anemometer), output control box, 2 x 25m of connecting cable, and finally a wind sensor alignment compass.

Although the wind sensors them selves run from 5V DC the control boxes require the following available power supply source: 0-10V wind sensor = 24V AC & the 4-20mA wind sensor requires 12V DC.

Part Numbers:

Attached is a copy of the latest calibration certificates for both the 0-10V and 4-20mA wind sensors.

0-10V DC Wind Sensor

New Din rail versions of 4-20mA and 0-10v DC wind sensors available

Instromet's latest version of its 4-20mA and 0-10v DC wind sensors, see their transistion into Din rail enclosures for use directly into electrical enclosures without the need for any special mounting requirements. Like the above model these units are available in "Basic" and "Pro" versions and below is a list of their relevant part numbers:

Part Numbers:

0-10V DC Wind Sensor

Din case Dimensions...

To accompany our DIN rail control boxes, we can also supply DIN rail power supplies for a complete install solution:

DIN rail accessories...

0-10v Units buy here...

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0-10V DC wind speed only sensor

In addition to our combined wind speed and direction sensors, we can also offer a 0-10V DC wind sensor with speed only. This unit comes as one complete assembly with the control box being mounted directly to the base of the wind sensor itself. With this unit all being mounted within one assembly it just needs connection via a single three core cable, (Gnd, 0-10V dc output, and 24V DC supply)

Again this unit is available in either a "Basic" or "Pro configuration with the bottom bearing the the cup assembly of the "Pro" version being a ball race version as apposed to the sintered bronze one in the "Basic".

Part Numbers:

  • 480 1000 124 0-10V dc Speed only wind sensor
  • 480 1000 124P Pro 0-10V dc Speed only wind sensor
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0-10V speed only Wind Sensor

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Extra News

As these products are intended for commercial applications and custom installs, if you would like the control box re-laid into a bespoke enclosure, then please do not hesitate to ask. This could prove ideal if a quantity of units is required for a large project or for resale to give a more "branded" feel to the units.

customised control box options available

Calibration Service

Due to the nature of some of the intended applications of these sensors we are able to offer an external accredited calibration service for the products. Please contact us directly to discuss options. E-mail: or Telephone: +44 (0)1692 502800

Calibration Service available